1 Jul 2023

What would the narcissistic loved ones of most successful people would say to demoralize them?

"Narcissistic loved ones of successful individuals may resort to various tactics to undermine and demoralize them. Here are some examples of the kind of things they might say:

Minimizing achievements: Narcissistic individuals often feel threatened by the success of others. They may downplay their loved one's accomplishments, saying things like, "It's not that big of a deal," or "I've seen better."

Discrediting efforts: Narcissists may undermine the hard work and dedication their successful loved ones put into their endeavors. They might claim their success is solely due to luck or external factors, saying, "You got lucky this time," or "Anyone could have done it."

Unhealthy comparisons: Narcissists frequently compare their successful loved ones to others in order to make them feel inadequate. They might highlight individuals they perceive as more accomplished, saying, "Look at what they've achieved," or "You're falling behind."

Undermining self-confidence: Narcissistic individuals may employ tactics to erode their loved ones' self-confidence. They might criticize their abilities, appearance, or decision-making, using demeaning language. Their goal is to make the successful person doubt themselves and become reliant on the narcissist for validation.

Dismissing achievements through gaslighting: Gaslighting is a manipulation technique where the narcissist distorts their loved one's reality. They may deny or downplay their achievements, making them question their own memories or accomplishments. For example, they might say, "That never really happened," or "You're exaggerating your success."

Jealousy and envy: Narcissists often struggle with feelings of envy and inadequacy. They may express jealousy towards their successful loved one, making snide remarks or engaging in passive-aggressive behavior. Their aim is to bring the successful person down to their perceived level of inferiority.

It's important to note that not all loved ones of successful individuals will exhibit these behaviors. Narcissism exists on a spectrum, and while some individuals may display these traits, others may be supportive and genuinely happy for their loved one's achievements."

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