1 Jul 2023

Gaslighting gestures and words specific to Indian Culture

 Gaslighting, a manipulative tactic, can occur within the context of Indian culture. While gaslighting gestures and words can vary based on individual situations, here are some examples that could be specific to Indian culture:

Dismissing cultural beliefs or traditions: Gaslighters may disregard or undermine the importance of cultural beliefs, practices, or traditions, causing individuals to doubt their own cultural identity or values.

Questioning religious or spiritual beliefs: Gaslighters may challenge an individual's religious or spiritual beliefs, questioning their devotion or suggesting that their beliefs are misguided or incorrect.

Undermining gender roles and expectations: In a patriarchal society like India, gaslighters may manipulate by questioning traditional gender roles or belittling individuals who challenge gender norms, causing them to question their own beliefs about gender equality.

Diminishing the significance of family values: Gaslighters may devalue the importance of family values and expectations, undermining an individual's sense of duty or responsibility toward their family.

Manipulating cultural guilt or shame: Gaslighters may exploit cultural guilt or shame, using cultural expectations or societal norms to make individuals feel inadequate or guilty for not meeting certain standards.

Invalidating experiences of discrimination or inequality: Gaslighters may downplay or deny experiences of discrimination or inequality, dismissing them as exaggerations or suggesting that the individual is overly sensitive or imagining things.

It's important to note that gaslighting can occur in any culture, and the examples provided above are not exhaustive. Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that aims to erode an individual's sense of reality, self-worth, and confidence. Recognizing gaslighting behaviors and seeking support from trusted individuals or professionals is essential in addressing and overcoming the effects of gaslighting.

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