10 Oct 2022

13 Signs you are trauma bonded!

Symptoms of trauma bonding with your partner or parents include:

  1. You are more afraid of being alone than you are of your abuser.
  2. The idea of leaving them makes you feel upset.
  3. No matter how much they mistreat you, you can't stand to see them fall in love with someone else (romantic relationships).
  4. You worry that you will perish without them.
  5. They have total influence over your life.
  6. You wouldn't advise your friend to continue in a situation like that.
  7. When they conduct small acts of compassion, you second-guess your belief that they are an abuser and feel bad.
  8. You get the impression that they have finally transformed during their occasional displays of goodwill.
  9. They make you feel guilty and miserable by being kind to you and pressuring you to stay and promise to change everytime you finally gather the strength to leave.
  10. Abuse and love are in a continual cycle that alternates.
  11. You experience them as the centre of your world.
  12. There are times when you hate them and wonder why you want to stay with them.
  13. You go to great efforts to make them happy and feel unique in the hopes that they would reciprocate your love and refrain from mistreating you.

Note:-This information contained in this blog isintended for information only and should not be substituted for professional healp.

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