18 Sept 2022

How to Spot a Narcissist?

In today's society, the term "narcissistic" has essentially come to mean being arrogant. But narcissism is much more complex than that; it can take many different forms, from an overly large ego to psychopathic grandiosity. However, narcissism is fundamentally a mask for a persistent shame that you might not even be conscious of.

A narcissistic personality disorder can cause problems in a variety of spheres of life, including relationships, career, education, and financial affairs. People with a narcissistic personality disorder may generally feel dissatisfied and upset when they don't get the specific treatment or admiration they believe they deserve. Others might not like being around them, and their relationships with them could not be satisfying.

  1. Discover 10 typical narcissistic characteristics by reading on-
  2. They place an excessive amount of focus on themselves.
  3. They attempt to enforce superiority
  4. They prefer to hang out with individuals of high social standing.
  5. They frequently have grandiose fantasies about their own greatness, fortune, and beauty.
  6. They are preoccupied with the desire for being admired.
  7. They minimize others and control conversations.
  8. Are entitled to special consideration
  9. They exaggerate one's abilities and accomplishments.
  10. They seek irrational special treatment to satisfy their inflated sense of importance.
  11. They lack empathy and are prepared to put others before themselves in order to obtain the finest outcomes they believe they are entitled.

This behavior is frequently the result of neglect or abuse throughout childhood. These people have a high level of sensitivity. They act narcissistically to protect themselves from inferiority complexes. They alternately feel superior to and inferior to others, but they nevertheless become angry or afraid when they are not treated as exceptional.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders' most recent version contains specific criteria for diagnosing narcissistic personality disorder (DSM-5). Diagnosis criteria include at least five of these nine symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder:

  1. Grandiosity and self-importance
  2. Delusions of power, perfection, or success
  3. A firm belief in one's own specialness and individuality 
  4. A desire for adoration and praise 
  5. Entitlement 
  6. A tendency to take advantage of people for one's own gain 
  7. Low empathy
  8. Envy, jealousy, and distrust
  9. Arrogance, haughtiness, and disdain

These narcissistic personality characteristics must be persistent over time and manifest in the majority of areas of life in order to meet diagnosis criteria.


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