18 Sept 2022

Visualisation Excercises for enhancing Optimism and overcoming fears.

The word ‘optimism’ is derived from the Latin word ‘optimum,’ which means ‘the best.’

Optimism is a personality type that exhibits resilience and inner strength. An excellent method for firmly implanting an optimistic mindset in your brain is visualisation.

Individuals who have optimistic outlooks tend to live longer and recover more quickly from health setbacks. Only a little portion of a person's optimism is inherited. The environment and an individual's efforts shape the rest. 

There are 2 visualization exercises that can be used to enhance optimism and reduce fears:-

1.    Visualizing a Positive Outcome:-

A 10 minute visualisation excercise can help increase optimism. Here is what to do in that excercise:-

Imagine yourself in the most optimistic future you can imagine. Pick a certain future date, for example 5 or 10 years from now. In this imagine future, you've accomplished all the objectives you set for yourself, reached the pinnacle of your ideal profession, met your true love and soul mate, are in excellent physical condition, have reliable friends, you have become self-actualised etc. Imagine these thngs in as much detail as you can to make the scene vivid and realistic. . Clearly imagine what such a future will look like to you and what your feeling would be be when you achieve them. Focus on your location, the other people around youHow would you spend your time? 

Think of oneself as competent, confident, and successful. Feel yourself in this future scenario as if you were present. In this visualisation, pretend that everything is going perfectly smoothly.

You can have a diary where you can write these thoughts, scenarios and feelings, once a week, for six to eight minutes, for one or two months.

Everyone struggles with it, and at first it could feel a little awkward. But with with regular practise, it will begin to feel more natural.

Numerous studies reveal that visualising your perfect future might actually increase your levels of optimism, despite the fact that it may seem like wishful thinking.

2.    Visualizing Your Fears Away

Sit on a comfortable seat with your hands in your lap. Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths from your lower abdomen. Use your nose to take in air, and your mouth to exhale it. Your exhalation should last longer than your inhalation. Spend 3 to 4 minutes doing this. Imagine yourself now breathing out  a green cloud of good energy that is directly in front of you. For a few breaths, continue doing this.

Consider one of your irrational concerns or negative ideas that you wish to get rid of. Now visualize this fear as a yellow ball that is in front of you. As you breathe out breathe this positive green cloud over the negative yellow ball. Imagine this yellow ball getting smaller and smaller with each breath, then watch it move away from you. "I surrender this belief," tell yourself aloud. I agree that it is finished. I feel at peace.. Ultimately this yellow ball will eventually disappear.

Take a few more breaths, then repeat the process, blowing the positive green cloud onto the yellow negative fear or belief. Next, choose another negative thought or the same one. Visualize a yellow ball that is dwindling in size and moving away from you. "I surrender this belief," say aloud to yourself. I agree that it is finished. I feel peaceful.

For about 10 minutes, perform this exercise over and over again. It is possible to resove 3–4 difficulties in a single sitting. Now take afew mre long, deep breaths for a few minutes.

At the end of the session you will see yourself as a self-assured and confident person. Think of yourself as someone who is free from these limiting thoughts and anxieties. Once you've finished visualizing then slowly open your eyes and get reacquainted back into your surroundings Stretch your arms out wide and raise your head high. Accept the confidence you now possess!


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