9 Nov 2021

Bill of Rights for Abused Ones.

If you grew up in a toxic atmosphere or have spent considerable time of your adult life in an abusive intimate relationship(s), you can find help by reminding yourself of these 24 fundamental human rights which were probably never granted to you by their abusers:-

1. You have the right to ask questions and be assertive.

2. You have the right to choose your spiritual path.

3. You have the right to feel all your feelings (anger, fear, shame, guilt, etc) without feeling ashamed or guilty for having them, as long as you don't hurt others and vent safely.

4. You have the right to make mistakes sometimes. Mistakes make you human.

5. You have the right to make decisions for your and your kids' life without feeling guilty for not being able to please society.

6. You have the right to be respected and protected by protesting unfair treatment, bullying, sarcasm, manipulation, destructive criticism, abuse and violence.

7. You have the right to experiment, be inconsistent and uncertain sometimes.

8. You have the right to change plans, circumstances and course of action.

9. You have the right to do anything for your growth and development as long as it isn't harming others.

10. You have the right to choose who, when and how you wish to associate with.

11. You have the right to study, learn, grow and achieve your goals.

12. You have the right to have thoughts and beliefs of your own.

13. You have the right to choose your goals and ambition.

14. You have the right to have good physical and mental health.

15. You have the right to stand up for yourself.

16. You have the right to not accept advice or feedback.

17. You have the right to have boundaries.

18. You have the right to end relationships and friendships.

19. You have the right to be not perfect in anything or everything.

20. You have the right to relax, enjoy and take a rest whenever you feel like it.

21. You have the right to choose who you want to be touched by and how.

22. You have the right to talk or be silent.

23. You have the right to ask for what you want.

24. You have the right to leave (person place, situation, community, etc) what you feel is unsafe or unhealthy.

Reminding yourself of these rights and pursuing them can help you be less vulnerable, heal trauma, do cognitive restructuring, develop self-esteem, cope with ongoing abuse or trauma, and reduce overall dysfunctionality in self, situations and relationships.

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