10 Mar 2021

20 Signs Someone Actually, Genuinely likes you.

Are you confused about someone's feelings for you? Do you wish to know what they feel for you? If not precisely then at least in broader terms? 

There are some tell-tale signs that show if someone likes or dislikes you. But in this world of pretense, everyone is trying to show or be something they aren't or can't which significantly hampers their capability to express themselves how they are or what they feel for something or someone.

Not just the pretense but also other things like lack of emotional intelligence or unpleasant experiences and health conditions sometimes force people to not express what they feel.

If a person in any such condition truly cares for you, how would you find out?
Well here are some subtle signs that show that a person is worth keeping. 

  1. Has already forgiven millions of your mistakes.
  2. Feels really sad when you are hurting(physically or emotionally).
  3. Cares for you when you are sick.
  4. Tries to provide you with something or suggests you have something if you are hungry. 
  5. Let's you take a rest when you are tired.
  6. Never disturbs you when you sleep. Even if it's an extra nap.
  7. Never ever backstabbed you by breaching your confidence or using the information shared by you against you.
  8. Doesn't flirts with others in case you two are romantically related to each other.
  9. Doesn't lies easily or unnecessarily.
  10. Isn't hungry for your money.
  11. Loves giving you gifts.
  12. Wishes you success in your career and is the happiest one when you have a career achievement. 
  13. Don't gets happy or excited when you have an issue with other family or friends. In fact gets sad and helps you get things clear and healthy again. 
  14. Doesn't pits you against your other family and friends unless there is some obvious reason that you can identify equally as them.
  15. Never forces you to do something you hate to do.
  16. Never mocks your opinions and beliefs(and of course you don't force it on them).
  17.  Loves doing special things for you.
  18. Gets happy and excited to see you unexpectedly.
  19. You don't fear or feel ashamed sharing your feelings and problems with them.
  20. 20. You know that this person will never leave you.

If you have someone like this in your life, do everything to keep them. It doesn't matter if this person doesn't look great every time, is not very rich, doesn't have big academic degrees, or doesn't have a great sense of humor.

In this world where narcissism and relationship dysfunctionality is spreading like pandemic, a person with such a kind heart is worth keeping at any cost because being loved is the basic human need after food and shelter. Everywhere everyone is consciously or unconsciously doing everything just so that they "feel truly loved" by someone. 

Please comment below who is this person in your life and share this blog with the one who has "you" as this person in their life.

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