7 Feb 2021

Relationship between food and mental health : Ancient Indian Vedic view


Writing on such a topic is not easy when it targets the majority of people who are against the views expressed in a blog. Readers must understand that this peace it is not meant for offending but is an attempt to help and guide those who are seriously willing to accept help from unconventional traditional sources.

While looking for free stock photo for this blog, I literally started shaking while going through all the animal slaughter and torture photos and videos on the internet. Watching your food terrorized, screaming and pleading for mercy is enough to kill your craving to eat them. Well, this fact itself tries to tell us something about the impact, "eating animals" makes on our consciousness.

According Vedic scriptures, we are not this body, we are soul and we live in this body. This bodily form is structured in three layers, which has following components:-

  1. Soul(Made up of Eternity, Knowledge and Bliss)
  2. Subtle Body(Mind, Intelligence and False Ego)
  3. Gross Body(Earth, Fire, Water , Air and Ether)
The soul is also known as spirit, which is our actual self, that we should identify ourselves with. The next layering, which is not visible to our naked eyes but can be only felt and understood is the Subtle body and the third and visible layer is the gross body which is very much visible to us and everyone else.

The four pillars of "Dharma" which means Duty, also called religion nowadays, are:-

  1. Austerity_:-Austerity comes by having low desire for sense enjoymentdiscipline in life and hard working attitude towards one's duties
  2. Cleanliness:-Cleanliness comes from keeping oneself, belongings and surroundings clean and having purity of heart.
  3. Truthfulness:-Principle of honesty and truthfulness.
  4. Kindness:-Having love and mercy for other beings.
It is described in scriptures that, If one follows for principles stated above then that person is called religious. 

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