16 Feb 2021

18 Things to do if you want to raise mentally and physically strong kids.

Every parent dreams to raise children in perfect ways, but hailing from a dysfunctional family hampers your sense of reality a lot and as a parent, you might not feel totally in control of yourself a lot of times. So here are some easy tips to read if you feel like you need some positive suggestions to keep your child mentally and physically healthy and safe. 

  1. Provide as much love, care, and trust to your kids as much possible, and then you will have happy and confident kids who would love you and trust you.
  2. Encourage outdoor games with rules they need to follow for their safety.
  3. Tell your kids that they can trust you in every situation and tell them you will believe them always.
  4. Teach your kids to speak the truth and be generous and kind to everyone.
  5. Do not lie to your kids.
  6. Build a strong relationship with your partner. Kids with parents who fight, find difficulty in believing that their parents are capable of protecting them and they do not open up easily.
  7. Try to avoid separation or divorce from the partner if living together is safe for all on all levels. This is how you provide emotional protection to your kid and then he grows into an emotionally and psychologically strong kid who is well capable of handling people and situations in his life in the long run.
  8. Sort out family matters for the emotional well-being of your children. A depressed, anxious, sad, timid child is easy prey to abusers and manipulators.
  9. Do not conceive if you and your partner don't get along with each other or one or both of you have serious mental illnes.. Become parents only when you are ready.
  10. If you are too career conscious and career(money and luxury) comes on the top of your list of priorities, don't conceive. Wait, till the kids and their care becomes your top priority. No need to hurry.
  11. Look at your kid's face every day, there is so much written over there, you just need to read and you will find what he is going through.
  12. Every murderer, rapist, and other types of criminals serving their punishment in jail are someone's father, brother, cousin, uncle, grandfather, etc. This doesn't mean that everyone is a criminal, but anyone can be a criminal. Do not trust a relative or family member with your child if your child tells otherwise. Believe your child .
  13. Beware of a person(especially male) who is too fond of your child and is going an extra mile to impress her or putting a lot of effort to win your trust. This could be a sign of pedophilia(sexual or romantic attraction towards kids). A pedophile can be a molester/rapist too in some cases. Reports suggest that the molesters groom the victims and their parents before committing the crime. Watch his behavior toward your child if he touches and caresses your child a lot this is a red flag. Males generally don't find kids interesting for a long period and easily get bored. 
  14. Teach your child about "good touch" and "bad touch" from a very early age and tell them that they have full authority over their body and nobody has the right to violate them.
  15. Let your kids shout, laught out loud, cry, jump an  run. Let them play in dust, sun, and water sometimes to strengthen their immune system. Let them live freely and enjoy their childhood.
  16. Do not over-pressurize to excel in academics. Encourage to do well but do not focus much on marks and ranking. Grades are not important than their mental health and relationship with you.
  17. Believe in their talents and limitations and praise them for their good qualities and achievements. They will look at themselves later in life, they way you look at them. 
  18. Their safety and overall health(physical and mental)should be more important than their achievements and social image of family.
Last but not the least, let your child develop a loving relationship and service attitude towards God. A strong relationship with God provides strength and immunity from material miseries and the person also develops strong moral values and ethics hence making his own life and other lives better around him.

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