25 Jan 2021

32 Simple Reasons Why Someone is Not Texting You Back.

Everyone has to face this from time to time, not getting a reply to a text message. But people with low self-esteem or mental health conditions find this extremely difficult to handle. Not getting a reply seems like an attack on our worth. People pleasers feel a deep sense of guilt for not being enough for getting a reply. A checked message when not replied works as validations of our low self-worth and the thoughts that follow because of anxiety and depression can worsen them, throwing us into a cycle of sadness and worry. An entitled person on the other hand might perceive it as a threat and get into a rage and take offend.

The various negative thoughts that cross our minds are like, do they hate me? Am I boring? Are they ignoring me? Am I worthless? Did I write something that offended them? Are they taking revenge on one of the texts I couldn’t reply because of the slow internet last month? Did someone pit them against me? Did they die in an accident? If they are angry? and so on.

Well! Let me tell you all the possible reasons why people don’t reply to messages, so that next time you don’t get a text-back, save your emotional energy and just know that it’s just one of these:-

  1. Their toddler accidentally checked the message and it's marked "read" now and they don’t even know that you have sent a msg.
  2. Their kid accidentally deleted the message, and again they're unaware of it.
  3. They checked the message but really really don’t have time to type the reply.
  4. They checked the message but completely forgot to reply because replying to you is very low on the list of their priorities for the day.
  5. They don’t like you and are not interested in a conversation.
  6. They hate you, stop texting them.
  7. They don’t dislike you but find your messages very boring.
  8. They don’t know what to write in reply, they are still thinking of a reply.
  9. They value it so much they want to send a perfect reply and are thinking of it.
  10. They are so excited and overwhelmed by your text that they feel nervous while replying.
  11. They got a new mobile phone and your contact is not saved yet, put on a photo DP and get a reply.
  12. Their battery is dead.
  13. Their phone is stolen and the thief received the message.
  14. They deleted your msg after reading and want to secretly reply to the message because there is someone in the house they fear.
  15. They don’t know who you are, or they forgot you over the time.
  16. They don’t reply to the contacts not saved on their phone, introduce yourself first before sending them a message.
  17. They are being forced by someone to not reply.
  18. They don’t want anyone else to read the reply except you, so they will reply in person.
  19. Their mobile keyboard has some issues.
  20. They have a network problem in their location.
  21. They are logged off from messaging app to avoid someone else, not you.
  22. They are extremely upset over something you did to them or said to them in the message.
  23. They are going through something in life and don't have time for checking the phone.
  24. They are too depressed or mentally ill and don’t feel like getting into a conversation with anyone, reach out to them personally.
  25. They are going through something they do not want people to know therefore they are not replying to keep themselves isolated.
  26. They don’t want to offend you with the reply they want to send.
  27. Their internet pack expired today.
  28. Their phone has issues.
  29. They are in hospital with someone.
  30. They are hospitalized for their illness.
  31. They met with an accident.
  32. They are dead.

So, these are the reasons why I myself didn’t reply to people over the period of 20 years of mobile usage in my own life. Please share in the comment sections what are the other reasons for which you have not replied to people or think that they have not replied to you.

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