2 Jan 2021

8 Things Narcissists Do To Control Your Social Life.


A narcissistic controlling partner gradually erases your social life and makes you lonely, so that you will only have him to depend on, to love, and to call family and friends. A narcissistic spouse can be a wife as well as a husband. Cruelty and narcissistic traits don't have to do anything with the gender, however, for the convenience of writing, we are using "He" instead of "He/She", and also the cultural beliefs at most places subtly support abuse of a woman by their man.

He does follow things to control your social life: -

1)      He pits you against people you are on good terms with. He keeps an eye on every move and every word exchanged between you two so that he can take note of what can be used for pitting.

2)      Whenever you have any good times with your loved ones, he would find something to be upset about and make you feel guilty so that you gradually minimize your time with them to avoid him being upset.

3)      If ever you share any negative feelings about your family or friends during most emotional and intimate moments with your husband, he will reveal that information to them later to create misunderstandings.

4)      He will act like a gentleman and caring husband in front of them so that if you ever try to share his abusive behavior nobody will believe you and will think of you as a problem in a relationship and not him.

5)      He takes advantages of your differences in opinion with your loved ones. Suppose if you like an idea which your family or friends do not support, then in their presence, he will make sure to side with them and not you. He loves to see you struggle alone. Also, he will also try to convince them how unreasonable you are in most cases.

6)      He will try to get as much as possible information about all your relationships as soon as you two start living together.

7)      He will force you to visit those family and friends you take less interest because there he can smell of some chances of “differences” and he will feel empowered by putting you in an embarrassing situation where you have to either tell him about those “differences” or visit someone you are not on good terms to give him some “showtime”.

8)      He takes a special interest in socializing with those people (of your circle) who do not respect you because he feels empowered by tearing you down.

A gentleman will never be insecure to a level to ruin your other relationships to feel superior. A toxic intimate partner, on the other hand, to make you weak and unsupported, will work hard to ruin your relationships with your family and friends. And while doing so he will himself keep staying in their good books as a “Gentleman”. He does this so that nobody will believe you and you will have no support from them when he abuses you.

What else do you think they do in relationships to control the social life of their partners? Please share your opinions and experiences in the comments below.

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