4 Jan 2021

14 Signs Your Partner Is Controlling.

A healthy relationship requires two people who love, respect and give freedom to each other to have a life of their own. However, if you have a controlling spouse or intimate partner then life becomes difficult and the relationship becomes a burden. Here are some telltale signs that your spouse is a controlling person:-

1. They control how and where you spend money by manipulating or directly telling you. However, they feel free to spend all their as well as your earnings without your concern.

2. Keep track of your whereabouts. And expect you to keep them, well informed whereas they feel entitled to be wherever they want to be without caring to inform you.

3. Control your visit to your family and friends.

4. Control your relationship with your family and friends by interfering with what favors you want to do for them whereas they freely decide what they want to do for their people without knowing your thoughts on this.

5. Themselves decide when and how much you visit their own family and friends and what favors you do for them.

6. Control what you wear and how you look when you are among outsiders. 

7.Controlling Spouses are insecure and fear your freedom as well as your fame. 

8. They control how others see you by controlling your looks, achievements, behavior towards others, and everything else.

 9. They lie behind your back to people who like you to change your image into the type they want others to believe. Generally, a negative one. This is done to keep control of your relationship with people who like you.

10. They manipulate you by pitting you (telling lies and twisting stories) again people you love. Again, this is done to keep control over how you see or feel about the people you love and your relationship with them.

11. They even try to control your emotions and emotional reaction by telling you what you are feeling. For example, if you get upset just before an outing because of their cruel joke or cruel behavior they might tell u that you are overreacting because you are jealous of something they have, or you are keeping a grudge of something wrong they did yesterday, or you want to just cancel the plan of an outing or you are hormonal, etc.

12. Take advantage of your problems. Like if you told them that you are suffering from depression then they will accuse you of making their life difficult by showing depressive behavior, whereas they might be your biggest trigger or maybe the basic cause of depression. They will accuse you right after turning your mood off by hurting you emotionally, putting you in the guilt of feeling and showing your emotions hence controlling them and leaving you in a state of confusion. 

13. Controlling your spiritual life by manipulating scriptures into their interest as per the situation.

 14. They may also control what you eat by giving their opinion about what you should and should not eat as per your health and body type. 

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