25 Jan 2021

Holy Narcissists: 14 Reasons why narcissists hide in religious communities.

What common people think about the hiding palace of bad people is, where all kinds of bad things happen like, brothels, pubs, terrorist camps, secluded gangsters' spots, and so on. 

People think that bad people live in places where bad things are more likely to happen. But do you know that not every bad person wants to be seen and recognized as bad and therefore while being bad and pretending themselves as being nice is what makes them even worse? So, these people who are bad but put a huge amount of effort is not just looking “not bad” in public but also fooling them into believing that they are some really nice and perfect people, is what makes them really evil people, like Satans on the earth.

People whom I call satans are those who are extremely evil and selfish like narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths.

These are the people with no inner conscience, no moral values, and no character. They do not have sympathy and empathy for anyone. They are really bad people and they are so bad that they also want people to view them as the opposite of what they are so that nobody believes those victims who are being abused y them, so that that they can smoothly carry on with the abuse. These satans sometimes hide in religious places like temples, churches, and mosques, wolves in sheep’s skin, evils disguised as devotees.

Mutual benefits that a religious cult and narcissists get from each other are:-

  1. People with such evil and cruel intentions towards others are power-hungry as power facilitates their abusive behavior.
  1. They love to be in authority where they can actively manipulate, bully, and control people.
  1. They can make most of the people feel inferior by having a sense of superiority just because they are associated with the religious society.
  1. They can easily abuse their family if the family is not a part of the cult as they get validated by the cult for being "right" and "good".
  1. By putting extra efforts into helping with the growth of the congregation they can feel good about themselves even if they are acting as monsters among their own family members.
  1. They get continuous nourishment to their ego by fans and followers no matter how bad they are to their victims.
  1. They have an army of flying monkeys to support them against their helpless victims.
  1. Having a high position in the congregation allows them to guilt-trip new followers if they ever try to point out any fault in them.
  1. By having academic knowledge of scriptures they can easily manipulate innocent people into getting what they want.
  1. Having a lot of followers facilitates getting even more followers because people easily believe anyone who is popular. Thus making them popular and bringing headcount in the congregation.
  1. People in religious cults are very strongly glued together by unconditional support, hence anyone from outside or a new follower cannot do much pointing at someone doing something wrong, even if they do so they turn out to be a scapegoat.
  1. Religious cults who believe that “the cult” is above the “God”, are those who unknowingly harbor such evil narcissists as their significant members and fight with outsiders to keep them.
  1. These satans are also valued very much by the cults as they play a significant role in dealing with an issue or disagreement occurring with a powerful high authority outside of the cult or community.
  1. Satans are shameless when it comes to extorting and accumulating money which is a very important part of some religious cults.

Religious societies that are genuinely practising and spreading spirituality also harbour these satans because they are always disguised as “saints” and even the people with high spiritual achievements are unable to identify them and even if they happen to 

identify them they still allow them to remain at those positions believing that the spiritual practices will eventually cleanse their consciousness and being a part of the society will be worth it.

The purpose of this blog is to make people aware that not everything that glitters is gold. 

People coming from dysfunctional families have very low self-esteem, are codependent, thrive on outer validation, are filled with self-doubt, are a people pleaser, feel the need to be controlled by someone, lack personal boundaries, and are vulnerable to abuse and manipulation. They are magnets to narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths and therefore can easily fall prey to such “fake spiritualists”, who can not only cause the destruction of their material life but also of their spiritual life which can be so serious that it can shake one’s faith in spirituality and God.

This blog doesn't condemn admitting bad people in spiritual communities, because after all we all are, to some extent ill on the spiritual level and need to be treated by the love of God, and evil people are more in need of this. But the problem is that just to make an easy propagation of mission and easy way of getting headcount the authorities should not allow some "talented and Charing" people to hold high authority. Of course, some talents are needed in propagating a message but the real things like "Character" and "morals" should never be undermined. The authority figures should train themselves to be able to recognize the difference between good and bad and last but not least, the "God" and the "goodness" should always be above the "cult's growth" and "popularity".

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