11 Dec 2020

17 Subtle Signs A Woman Is Romantically Interested In Your Partner.

How do you really make sure if a woman who pretends to be a family friend or your friend is one and not just putting on a show just so that she can have free access to your partner without making it obvious to everyone else including you!
Well! Here are some tell n tale signs that she is interested in him and is just using you to get her way.

1. She visits your home only when he is present.
She always chooses to visit for whatever issues she has only when he is there. She is finding ways to see him and everything else is just the means.

2. She walks the talk only when he is involved.
She may boast to be overly concerned about your family, but you never really felt it whenever you needed her help but gave her best efforts whenever your partner needed her.

3. You are confused about her feelings for you.
Her actions don’t match her words when it comes to her relationship with you. She may pretend to equally love you both as a family friend. Any woman who is interested in your partner would obviously see you as a blockage on her path and would of course, not like you and in extreme cases might hate you. She would say she loves you both, but your gut feelings say that she hates you and wants to destroy you.

4. She tries to outsmart you.
She might not leave any chance to show to people especially your partner that she is better than you in every sense. This sense of unhealthy competition that stems from her subconscious is often visible in her words and actions.

5. She takes his side during an argument or debate.
She never leaves a chance to show him her support and display her oneness with him if there an issue where you two have different opinions. She does this to show him how unreasonable you are and how much she is compatible with him.

6. She does things that he likes.
She is incredibly careful about the information regarding his likes and dislikes. For e.g. cooking his fav food, wearing his fav color, getting involved in activities and hobbies that he likes, pretending to like things and people that he likes, and so on.

7. She has two faces.
She will be overly sweet and nice with you and your children when he is present, however, she will be a rude and indifferent person to you and your children when he is away. When you talk to your partner about this only you will look crazy.

8. She avoids other men in his presence.
She avoids being nice to other men in his presence. She will not look very close to even her own partner/husband in presence of your partner.

9. She does not let you avoid her.
Though she does not like you but at the same time, she will make it ridiculously hard for you to break free from her because you are her free pass to your partner.

10. She tries to impress your children.
She purposefully does things that you are unable to do for your children for some reason so that she can prove how much better version she is of you in front of your children and husband.

11. She pits people against you.
She pits people against you to feel better about herself by destroying your social image. This way she can soothe herself off the inferiority she has for not having what you have (your partner).

12. She does fault-finding in you.
In front of your partner, she will find faults in you about your parenting, housekeeping, dressing, and other areas of life. She wants him to believe that he deserves better than what he has(you).

13. She tries to make your life difficult.
She does things behind your back that make your day-to-day life difficult. She will use other people like other neighbors, authority figures, and sometimes your own partner to set special rules for you your children or to put unnecessary hindrances in your life so that she can make your life difficult with him. She does this out of anger that she has for you for having something she desperately wants.

14. She knows where he is.
She is always more aware of where he is than you are. She wants to know everything about him and she will not hesitate to even ask you about his whereabouts.

15. She cooks his favorite foods.
She loves to get complimented on her cooking by him and therefore she cooks his favorite food and brings it for him.

16.She prefers to call him over you.
If there is something that needs to be conveyed to you or any other member of your family she would always call him and not you. On being asked she might justify it by saying that your phone was busy or switched off.

17. She shares her problems and secrets with him.
Again after calling you both her family friends, she prefers to choose him over you for sharing her problems and secrets of life and that too behind your back.

Family friends who have platonic friendships can display some of these signs and there is absolutely nothing to worry about as it will not pose any threat to your relationship with your partner however if someone shows most of these signs then listen to your gut feelings. She is probably interested in your partner. Start creating a boundary in your relationship with her and keep an eye on her.

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